Nature Center Expansion Updates – June 29, 2016

The Nature Center expansion is movin’ on up, as the construction crane on site today suggests.  Here are photos taken earlier today.

IMG_20160629_125057416_HDR IMG_20160629_125118864 IMG_20160629_125139507 IMG_20160629_152729993_HDR

Also, Ed Hackley was in town today to review his design concepts with the planning team (Terry Napier, Jeremy Stout, Mike Musick and Friends representatives).  The plans are impressive to say the least!  Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing those preliminary design concepts with some of our prospective major donors; once the final design work is done, we’ll go public with the specific plans.

As exciting as the prospect of fully implementing Ed’s proposals might be, it can only become a reality if we reach our ambitious fundraising goal of $250,000 by the end of the year.  You can help us with that effort by making your own donation and, more importantly, by spreading the word about the exciting future of our Nature Center!


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