“Give it to Beaver” Fundraising Campaign

Did you know that Steele Creek Lake presently has three active beaver lodges?

And, to celebrate, we’re preparing to build our very own indoor Beaver Lodge Exhibit! But that will only happen with the help of individuals like you! We hope you’ll become a Beaver Believer!


One of our local beaver dams


Thanks to the support of hundreds of community “Friends”, the expanded Nature Center opened last October with five entirely new displays and a 1,200 square foot multipurpose classroom. In addition, a new exhibit sponsored by the Blue Stocking Club and featuring the geology and the native aquatic species found in the Park is nearing completion. If you haven’t been to the Nature Center since we reopened, take a look at what you’ve missed so far.

We still have plans to build five additional major exhibits as well as two new flexible galleries as funding becomes available. These will be added only as funding becomes available. Our first priority is to install the Crawl-in Beaver Lodge, to be located in the alcove behind the large aquarium array in the main gallery upstairs. This exhibit will feature a realistic, life size beaver dwelling similar to those currently found in the Park. Our exhibit designer, Ed Hackley, is working now on the detailed plans for the display. We will again call on the creative talents of Ponds and Plants to bring Ed’s designs to life, just as they have with our other major displays. Graphics for the display will soon be available for you to see… right here!

To make the Crawl-in Beaver Lodge a reality, our “Give it to Beaver” campaign goal is $25,000, a portion of which has already been raised. Your tax deductible gift will bring us that much closer to having this new, exciting and interactive display to help educate all of us on the intriguing world of beavers.

Donors contributing at least $200 to the campaign prior to November 3rd, will receive an invitation for two to attend a special educational/social event at the Nature Center on Saturday, November 3rd, from 3 to 5 pm. Plans for the event at this time include an informative and entertaining presentation on beavers by Jeremy Stout, delicious hors d’oeuvres and, for the more adventuresome, boat trips on Steele Creek Lake to observe one of our very own beaver lodges (weather permitting).

Donors contributing $5,000 or more to the campaign will have the opportunity to be recognized as sponsors of the Beaver Lodge with a stylized bronze leaf on the exhibit.

Tax-deductible contributions can be made using our secure online donation page, or by mail (using this donation card).

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].


Happy to call Steele Creek Park my home!


“Give it to Beaver” to become one of our “Beaver Believers” today!


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