Natural History

Steele Creek Park Natural History

Steele Creek Park’s underlying geology and varied ecosystems provide for an abundant variety of plants and animals.  Almost 200 species of birds, some 70 species of butterflies, and hundreds of varieties of flowering plants grace the park.  Mammals ranging from squirrels and chipmunks to foxes, deer, and beavers make their homes in the park. Even black bears have been seen in the park.

Many of these plants and animals can be seen on casual strolls through the park. Exploring the knobs on the many woodland trails is a sure way to see and hear many more. To learn more about the natural history of the Park, be sure to visit the Nature Center.

See our many checklists and field guides for more information about the geologic formations, plants, and animals found within the park.

And for information about recent interesting sightings at the Park, see our Steele Creek Park Recent Sightings blog.


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