Steele Creek Park iNaturalist Challenge 2022

Get ready now for this fun and exciting challenge!

Challenge yourself in 2022 to find all 70 of these species within Steele Creek Park in one year. All of these species listed are commonly seen in the park, but it will take some effort (or sometimes luck) to find and photograph each one. Note that some of these species are only seen at certain times of the year. You will need to be in the park each season to get all of these species. Prizes will be awarded to participants who complete the challenge at the end of the year. The rules and list of species can be found below. Good luck!


• Find, photograph, and post all 70 species on iNaturalist within Steele Creek Park between January 1 and December 31, 2022.

• Observations must be of wild organisms within Steele Creek Park during the calendar year 2022.

• Captive/domestic/planted organisms will not count. In some cases it is unknown whether something has been planted or not, but that is ok.

• All observations must be submitted with a verifiable photo, video, or sound and become “research grade” status to count.

• The scientific names in the list below follow what is currently listed on iNaturalist.

• For flowers/plants: A few only bloom for a short period of time (a couple weeks in some cases), but all except Fire Pink can easily be identified by foliage when not in bloom. You will likely need a photo of Fire Pink in bloom.

• If you have any questions about the challenge or any of the species listed, feel free to reach out to the park naturalists or stop by the Nature Center any day of the week. Nature Center phone number: 423-989-5616.

Complete Species List

For the complete list of species to be documented see the iNaturalist challenge site.

SCP iNaturalist Challenge 2022 · iNaturalist


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